Humanitarian Healthcare Centre (HHC)

RVM Foundation has established the Humanitarian Healthcare Centre (HHC), a 60-bed hospital located in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, with the aim of providing high-quality care to general as well as mentally ill patients at an affordable cost.

A medical center for patients with psychiatric illness at hhc

We provide long- and short-term healthcare, along with shelter and vegetarian food at a reasonable cost. Competent treatment and medical care are provided to the patients also in addition to consultation by Dr. Srinavas Reddy, our resident Psychiatric Consultant.

This Humanitarian Healthcare Centre was established with the sole aim of providing quality healthcare services at a reasonable and an affordable cost in terms of Shelter, Bed, Food, Diagnostics (Medical Lab Facilities, X-Rays), Medical and Surgical Treatment, Physiotherapy, Ambulance Services, and most of all, Love.

24-Hour Support

HHC welcomes cases 24/7 as well as provides ambulance service.